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WEBSUMMIT is back! #2023

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In a celebration of innovation and technological prowess, Web Summit 2023 is set to unfold in Portugal's capital, promising an array of exciting developments and thought-provoking discussions. Here's a glimpse of what attendees can eagerly anticipate at this year's conference.

1. Start-ups Galore
Web Summit 2023 is breaking records with a staggering exhibition of 2,600 start-ups, a testament to the global entrepreneurial spirit. Notably, almost one-third of these start-ups are founded by women, representing a diverse array of talents and perspectives from over 85 countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Lichtenstein, Peru, and Ghana. With over 900 investors in attendance, start-ups will have a unique opportunity to showcase their innovations through multiple pitching competitions. The reinvigorated Impact initiative adds another layer to this, bringing together over 250 start-ups dedicated to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

2. AI Takes Center StageArtificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a focal point of discussions, with numerous start-ups and experts voicing their insights, concerns, and optimism. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will dispel fears surrounding ChatGPT's impact on Wikipedia, while Signal's President Meredith Whittaker engages in a lively debate on the authenticity of AI. MIT research scientist Andrew McAfee delves into the essential topic of AI regulation, and Alibaba's Kuo Zhang explores the transformative role of AI in online retail. The introduction of the "AI Academy" stage adds a dynamic dimension, providing a platform to explore the latest trends and advancements in the AI landscape.

3. Commitment to Sustainability
Web Summit 2023 sets an example by aiming for sustainability in its own structure and practices. The event organizers emphasize the use of sustainable and reusable materials in constructing the stages, with the main stage serving as a notable example, incorporating 450 repurposed agricultural water storage tanks. These materials will be redistributed and reused post-event, minimizing environmental impact. In a conscious effort to reduce waste, 200,000 recyclable cardboard water cups will be provided for the expected 70,000 attendees, aligning the event with global efforts for a more sustainable future.
As Web Summit 2023 kicks off, it promises not just a showcase of groundbreaking technologies and innovative ideas but also a commitment to diversity, sustainability, and thought leadership. The coming days are poised to be a melting pot of ideas, collaborations, and discussions that could shape the future of technology and its impact on society. Stay tuned for a journey into the heart of the tech revolution in the picturesque setting of Lisbon.


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